Fresh and Fabulous Sushi in Downtown LA at Kai Japanese Roots

Fresh and Fabulous Sushi in Downtown LA at Kai Japanese Roots

When you search for “sushi near me,” you’re bound to find quite a few options, especially if your looking for sushi in downtown Los Angeles. But we can save you the hassle. Kai Japanese Roots is the only sushi in downtown LA that you’ll ever need.

Here’s why:

  1. Perfect downtown LA location
    They say location is everything, and with Kai Japanese Roots, it’s easy to find on S. Broadway. Just east of Pershing Square and in the center of everything downtown, it’s your sushi oasis in the city!
  2. Fresh sushi
    When it comes to sushi in downtown LA, Kai Japanese Roots truly hits all the right notes on providing the freshest sushi around. Sure, you can go to those other restaurants that aren’t too far away, but they don’t uphold the same stringent standards for freshness.
  3. Expert sushi chef
    It’s happened to everyone at some point. You’ve searched for “sushi near me” and were led to a sushi restaurant that wasn’t staffed with fully-trained Japanese sushi chefs. The executive chef at Kai Japanese Roots, Miki Fujita, was trained and apprenticed in Japan. He has over 27 years of experience in the world of Japanese cuisine and has a deep-flowing pride and enthusiasm for crafting every piece of sushi, roll, and dish with expert precision. He’s also not afraid of venturing into new territory to create whimsical dishes that stand out from other menus, like the Kai Nachos for example.
  4. Incredible selection of spirits
    This sushi restaurant in downtown Los Angeles also has one of the most spectacular cocktail menus around. At Kai Japanese Roots, you’ll find some of the most highly-sought after Japanese whiskeys around. There are also Japanese beer options that you don’t see on the menus at other places. You’ll also find a fantastic selection of wine, cocktails, and other spirits, making it the perfect place to meet for drinks and stay for sushi.
  5. Awesome Happy Hour
    It’s not hard to find a Happy Hour in Los Angeles, however if you want a Happy Hour and sushi, you’ve got to go to the best sushi restaurant in downtown LA, Kai Japanese Roots. It’s here that you’ll find plenty of drink specials as well as Happy Hour prices on some of the restaurant’s most popular offerings. The prices here are well below what you’ve expect for sushi in downtown Los Angeles at any time of day, but coming during Happy Hour is really a steal.
  6. Modern yet comfortable atmosphere
    When you search for “sushi near me,” if you’ve ever arrived at another place and found outdated décor, dirty tables, or zero atmosphere, it leaves you with little hope that the sushi is fresh or even made by a truly experienced Japanese sushi chef. Kai Japanese Roots has a splendid interior that’s full of ambience. It’s clean and contemporary, yet it’s completely inviting. You’ll want to linger here as long as possible!

If you’re in downtown Los Angeles and you search for “sushi near me,” you’ll see Kai Japanese Roots come up. See why after just two years at this location it has become a beacon for all those in Los Angeles who seek fresh, expertly-prepared sushi in a place with atmosphere and a prime location downtown!

KAI Japanese Roots | 542 S. Broadway St. | Los Angeles CA 90013

Call: (213) 232-4900