Daily Happy Hour From 5pm-7pm
Late Night Happy Hour | 10PM-Closing (Patio Only)

You’ve had a horrible day at work. It’s time to escape somewhere to enjoy a Happy Hour that will take your cares away. Search for “Happy Hour dtla” and you’ll find no shortage of places that pop up. But what are they? Dive bars with zero class, yet another sports bar, and those same old places with no ambiance.

Try something different this time. Try KAI Japanese Roots, where you don’t just get Happy Hour…you get Happy Hour sushi! Few things could be happier than that!

  1. Happy Hour sushi

    What do you get at other places when you go to Happy Hour? Burgers? Fries? The same tired old selections of fried foods? KAI Japanese Roots has Happy Hour sushi. That means you get the freshest sushi in downtown LA at discounted Happy Hour prices. The regular menu is one of the most honest and affordable in the area, but at Happy Hour prices, it’s a steal!

  2. Happy Hour drinks

    In case you didn’t run out the door and head to KAI Japanese Roots for Happy Hour sushi, you should know that the drinks here are better than anywhere. If you’re looking to overindulge in cheap, low-quality beer, this isn’t your scene. But for those with discerning tastes, KAI Japanese Roots has the best selection of Japanese and craft brews around. There’s also a stellar selection of Japanese whiskeys, even some of the most hard-to-find. With a lengthy list of wine and other bespoke cocktail creations, plus Happy Hour pricing, this is one Happy Hour you don’t want to miss.

  3. Prime downtown LA location

    You work downtown. Then you sit on the highway-turned-parking-lot to go home. Why waste time? Instead of being miserable waiting for traffic to move, come in to KAI Japanese Roots for Happy Hour sushi. The prime location in downtown LA on South Broadway makes it easy to get to. Wait out the traffic and leave the stresses from your day behind while enjoying Happy Hour sushi selections at amazing prices along with incredible Happy Hour drinks that will surely cheer you up.

  4. Fantastic ambiance

    Happy Hour should be lively and fun, but it should also be the kind of place where you can sit with friends or coworkers and be able to enjoy their company. Shouting over the din and wrestling for elbow room is hardly a happy experience. At KAI Japanese Roots, you get Happy Hour sushi with full class. It’s busy and fun, yet you can still hear your favorite people that you’ve come there with or even easily make new friends at the sushi bar.

  5. Honest prices

    Why go somewhere else for Happy Hour dtla and get an overpriced burger and fries? For less than that, you can get Happy Hour sushi at KAI Japanese Roots. The Happy Hour sushi menu features some of executive chef Miki Fujita’s most popular sushi creations for even less than usual. It’s not just the California roll either. You’ll find Happy Hour sushi that speaks to your soul!

When looking for Happy Hour dtla locations, look no further than KAI Japanese Roots for a perfect experience all around!

KAI Japanese Roots | 542 S. Broadway St. | Los Angeles CA 90013

Call: (213) 232-4900